Company Overview

Company Overview

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About Viracor Eurofins

Viracor Eurofins is dedicated to being the leading specialty diagnostics laboratory partner in immunology, infectious disease and allergy testing.

We provide doctors and hospitals the tests, results and support they need to deliver the best care possible, and we collaborate with pharmaceutical researchers to solve difficult problems supporting accelerated drug development.

We offer a range of unique clinical laboratory and biopharmaceutical services and provide exceptional test turnaround times. More than 4,000 healthcare providers, commercial laboratories and biopharmaceutical companies rely on us for our unique and convenient services.

Our History

Viracor Eurofins was created through the merger of two specialty diagnostic testing labs, Viracor Laboratories and IBT Laboratories.

The founders of both Viracor and IBT laboratories shared a common vision to improve patient care through innovative science and superior services. That spirit remains deeply entrenched in our culture today.

Founded in 2000, Viracor set the benchmark for the diagnostic industry by providing exceptional turnaround times for patient results. Through its commitment to research and development in infectious disease testing, Viracor was among the first to commercially offer real-time quantitative PCR assays to diagnose patients with Adenovirus, BK virus and JC virus, among others.

Founded in 1983, IBT's deep expertise in the fields of immunology and allergy enabled the company to become a leader in translational science - bridging the gap between research and clinical practice. IBT was the first laboratory to offer a test to definitively diagnose autoimmune causes of chronic hives and developed the first commercially available test to measure pneumococcal antibodies.

A Trusted Partner

At Viracor Eurofins, we provide clinicians the information they need to make critical decisions for patient care. Through unique testing services, a broad menu of more than 2,000 tests including highly complex assays coupled with exceptional turnaround time, we have become a trusted partner to each of our clients. Viracor Eurofins has partnered with physicians, hospitals, and commercial laboratories nationwide, including transplant programs and pediatric transplant hospitals.

A Spirit of Innovation

At the core of Viracor Eurofins lives an entrepreneurial spirit that drives our scientists each day to advance and refine our menu of tests, conduct research and pursue collaborations that help us provide the results that make better medicine happen faster. Viracor Eurofins combined commitment to advance diagnostic practices in the fields of immunology,infectious disease and allergy through exceptional science and innovative services has created a future bright with opportunities to accelerate medicine, one patient result at a time.

Faster Results. Better Medicine.

We never lose sight of the fact that each sample we receive represents a human life and every decision we make is based on the needs of our clients and their patients. Many of our real-time RT-PCR infectious disease tests have same day delivery.

Global Biopharmaceutical Services

In addition to providing superior quality clinical diagnostic assays to physicians and laboratories, Viracor Eurofins leverages its scientific expertise to provide biopharmaceutical companies a broad range of tests to support exploratory testing from bench to market. We have deep experience using many analytical platforms, including RT-PCR, qPCR, sequencing, microbead arrays, ELISA, flow cytometry, RIA, Elispot and others, and can apply this knowledge to the analysis of infectious diseases, immunogenicity, biomarkers, immune mediators, neutralizing antibodies and vaccine-induced immune response. Working with client development teams, we have successfully supported all stages of analysis from discovery through phase IV clinical trials.